A first of its kind free-to-play, player vs. player, massively multi-player action role playing game (F2PPVPMMOARPGS), Knightphone combines arcade controls, simulation play, and strategic tower defense in a uniquely nostalgic pixel art aesthetic. In early previews with hardcore competitive gamers, Knightphone is considered a standout in its one of a kind combination of creative and commercial appeal.

Key features:

  • Classic simulation play - build a castle, level-up its room, and use its powers to rank up your offense and defense
  • Deep arcade combat system with thousands of gear combinations for different attacking strategies
  • Innovative "level-editor" that players use to construct real-time arcade defense's for their castles
  • Players compete against each other to raid each other's levels by building the strongest knight and the most difficult castle defenses

Platform: Mobile F2P + PC