Beyond Science is a survival-crafting RPG heavily inspired by the Sci-Fi and Weird Science comics from the post-war era.

Our story focuses on Rose the Engineer, a low-level employee of the behemoth tech company TransOrbital. She’s been sent into space and tasked with sending alien technology back to the bosses. Something goes awry and the ship crashes onto the alien planet Keturn. It's here that Rose discovers a world full of alien inhabitants, strange environments and bizarre dangers.

Gameplay strikes a balance of maintaining health, energy, and oxygen while improving available technology. The objective is to survive through discovering, researching, and crafting the items necessary to stay alive. Construct buildings and infrastructure for your own base while fending off vicious creatures. All of this while keeping an eye on the primary mission of collecting samples for the scientists back at TransOrbital.

Level 14, 31 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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